Sunday 25 May 2014

Magic the Gathering - new ideas for card boxes

Another wave of MTG (Commander) card boxes.
I had an interesting custom request which made me experiment with the card boxes I use for chip carving.
I was asked to make a box that would resemble the card Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII - though I couldn't make the full design as the card boxes are pre-made, I was able to create the book like shape and get the job done. Here is the first experimental box and one more traditional:

The book box in detail, only the top is chip carved, the sides and the front are carved with larger carving knife and few gouges:

And the fully chip carved box done in a very traditional Gothic style, 
it is my most intricate design for a MTG box so far:

And this is the earlier mentioned custom order.
The box is finished with clear lacquer as it will be stained by the person who requested it:

The image was hard to create but my girl helped a lot to change the dimension of the original artwork,
I added some additional design on the bottom and the top so it wouldn't appear so empty:

Finished carving before the lacquer application: