Sunday 17 January 2016

A permanent place for my carvings at Farmers Market

I have a permanent spot to display and sell my carvings at Charlottetown farmers market.
I am sharing a booth with Culloden Hills Artisans who were at the market for quite a while now.
There needs to be some work done on my display as it was a very quick setting but it is a good start:

Alana has done a small display for bark ornaments, we think we will change one section of the shelfing unit into a full scale display for them. Right now they are a bit crowded. 

Here are the newest carvings that are all for sale at the market (together with few older pieces):

House in the Thicket, 13.5 inches
Candlemaker's Shop, 12 inches

Granny's House, 8 inches

And after a long time once again carved Rapunzel's Tower, 13 inches tall

Gnome Hut above the River, 8.5 inches, a battery powered tea light candle inside

House on the Craig, 9.5 inches, also a tea light candle inside

The houses shown in the dark with the lights on.