Saturday 13 February 2016

New carvings for the Earth Gallery in Sackville

New pieces that are soon going to the Earth Gallery in Sackville to replace sold carvings.
They will be there in about 2 weeks, I might add few more carvings meanwhile.

''Sky House'' is a 14 inches cottonwood bark carving to be used as a wall decoration:

A smaller piece, just 8 inches long, named ''House above the Waves'':

Another 8 inches piece named ''Hut by the Meadow'', this one is to be displayed standing.
The house has a battery powered tea light candle inside:

More intricate carving of a ''Fancy Tree House'', it stands 13 inches tall:

And the ''Labyrinth Tower'' which is also 13 inches tall:

A little experiment with gel stain used on the door of the tower, it turned out really well. 
I will surely use the gel stain more often on the upcoming carvings: