Friday, 11 May 2018

Resin coated Mahogany coasters

A neat little project I did last year and forgot to post as it was gift at that time.
It is a set of 4 coasters chip carved in mahogany, then covered with a coast of art resin so nobody needs to worry about spilling something over the carved areas. The wood is salvaged from an old ship and the coasters went back to the family, whom the ship belonged to.

Check the work in progress:

The Lonely Island Lighthouse

14.5 inches cottonwood bark carving, currently for sale at Charlottetown Farmers Market, PEI:

Just more houses for summer...

With warm weather there comes the need for carving more of cottonwood bark pieces for the upcoming summer season. Here is 18 inches piece named ''The Sorcerers of Spring House'' which couldn't even make it to the market as my neighbour bought it:

And smaller ''Dragon Tooth House'':

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Another 20 sided die

A twenty sided die hand carved out of 6'' block of basswood. The numbers are chip carved and stained, they are done in ''Magic the Gathering'' descending order:

Friday, 30 March 2018

Cypress knee whimsical house

I had this 13'' tall chunk of cypress knee at home forever and couldn't figure out what to carve out of it. My girlfriend got me an idea of a house on the hill with stairs around it and suddenly the piece just made a perfect sense. The finished carving is named ''Philosopher's Home'':

A bit different Easter Egg

Easter is just here so I had to carve an Easter egg, here is the result - around 6'' Dragon Egg.
It's funny that this carving took me as long as a medium sized whimsical house:

Cottonwood bark houses for summer season

A large haul of cottonwood bark carvings that I am hording for the upcoming summer season, some of them might sell before that time but there will be more and more to come.

20 inches tall ''Captain's Castle'':

From left to right - ''Seaside Retreat'', ''Hedgehog Cottage'' and ''See-saw Home'', all between 12 and 14 inches:

''Lighthouse at the Meeting of Two Rivers'' standing 15 inches tall, with PEI acorn in its tower:

And every week I try to carve few of the little ornaments, they are a must have during my summer sales: