Monday, 20 August 2018

Whimsical cottonwood bark Boat

My third boat carving done in cottonwood bark, it is done as before in one piece of bark cut into two pieces, then reattached to create the right dimension. This boat is named ''Of the Elven Adventure'' and it is 9 inches in height and 15 inches long:

The holder for the acorn is carved in something unknown, I think it is a piece of walnut.
It took me forever to do the attachment right, it was kind of embarrassing.

The front view:

And the back view:

Chip carved jewelry box, custom order

A very detailed chip carving done on a basswood box, it was quite hard to carve around the bottom as I could not angled the knife properly. If I ever carve another box of this style I will make sure to create a design that would be more carving friendly around the tricky parts.

The box is almost 8x8 inches with 2.5 inches in height (not adding the ball feet and the top ball handle). It is finished with Danish oil and light brown gel stain.

Well, what is the name of this one?

I realized I named the photos of this carving in my folder by two different names and now I don't know which one is the actual name. This piece is at the local farmers market so I will need to check it out on my next shift. It is either named ''Beast Tamer Cottage'' or ''By the Silent Lake''

Large custom MTG card boxes

Chip carved basswood box for 400 sleeved Magic the Gathering cards,
it was done as a custom order and turned out perfect:

The second one is larger, it can hold 900 sleeved cards but I took quite poor photos and it is too late to fix that now. The foliage design on this box is one of the most intricate I have done. I hope that even with the blurry photos it shines:

And just for fun I have some chip carving comparisons, back when I started to carve and now:

Friday, 20 July 2018

Summer Breeze House

The newest large carving with a long ladder on it, this one is quite unique because of the natural ledge that was asking for having a roof window in it:

Houses by the lupins

Well, it's PEI so it is necessary to take some photographs by the bloomed lupins.
''The House of Nature's Nest'' is 11.5 inches tall:

And ''Quiet Retreat Cottage'' is around 10 inches:

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Latest Water Mill carving

15 inches tall cottonwood bark carving named ''The Mill of Shining Waters'' is the latest addition to my summer selection for Charlottetown Farmers Market: