Sunday, 15 October 2017

Slender houses in cottonwood bark

''Cardinal Cottage'' in 12'' piece of bark, I really like the chimney on this one:
 And 19'' tall ''Mary's Studio'' with lots of big windows that a proper studio should have:

Intricate chip carving on a basswood mirror

A very detailed chip carving done on a 12'' hand-held basswood mirror, it took quite a few hours to finish this particular piece. To see the work in progress click on ''read more''.

Wall hangings in cottonwood bark

Two whimsical houses carved in summer and never posted on my blog.
''Mansion of Fire and Stone'' on the left and ''Sky Retreat'', they are both around 13 inches and both sold shortly after they were for sale :) 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Two small ones in one day

''Cradle Cabin on the Hill'' and ''On the Fractured Ground'' - eight and seven inches tall, both carved from the same piece of bark:

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Sunflower ring box, relief carving

A small 5x5 inches ring box with a Sunflower carving on the top. It is partially relief and partially chip carved, something I really wanted to try and the result is neat. It is finished very simply with only few coats of Danish oil.

A picture from the work in progress, I think I will be buying few proper tools for relief carving, I want to do some more experimenting with this style:

Small stuff...

Two small projects... about 2'' tall Rook carved in walnut as a replacement for a lost piece and a small coaster with chip carved mana symbols. I wanted to see how it would look if I stained the symbols on my MTG boxes and I am not too happy with the result - it looks somehow cheap and I think it would take away from the actual chip carving.

The last MTG boxes of this summer

Two small card boxes carved in August, both are already gone. The first is finished with light gel stain and for the second one I used dark mahogany after a really long time:

I am particularly fond of this design and carving: