Sunday, 14 January 2018

And the last Magic the Gathering card boxes from last year...

Two small Commander deck boxes, both grabbed by custom requests before they were even fully carved. That is a repeated story of the Christmas time. I got once again so many requests before the holidays but it is always too late for me to make more of the boxes:

The last cottonwood bark carvings of 2017

The very last houses/castles I carved last year and haven't posted yet. The first couple is 11.5 inches tall ''Tea-Shop Castle'' and 11 inches tall ''Fairy Cottage on the Meadow'':

Then there is 9.5 inches tall ''Gentle Stream Cottage'' and 11.5 inches ''The Copper Smithy'':

And the last one is a small wall hanging named ''Broomstick House'', 10 inches. I had few more pieces of which I didn't take good photographs so I don't want to post those. Now it is time to do some more chip carving and I think I will do few wood spirits before I get back to the houses.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Herb Gatherer's House in the Lavender Field

Quite a piece here! Very thin piece of cottonwood bark but it still made a very unique carving because of all the moss on the side. It is 15 inches in length:


A small highlight of my 2017 cottonwood bark ornaments, I haven't carved as many of them this year because I wasn't attending many shows. I think I will need to start early with them in 2018:

Large cottonwood bark houses

The largest pieces carved in November and December, those are some pretty cool chunks of bark:

''Grotto Passage Lighthouse'' 25 inches

''Home is where the Heart is'' 15,5 inches, not as big as the other carvings but still deserves the spot here

''The Museum Mill'' 16 inches

''Battle Soldier's House'' 21 inches, carved for my son's second birthday - it has a small light installed inside.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Experimenting with Art Resin

My first experiment with art resin poured over chip carved pieces. It turned out pretty good - few tiny bubbles on some of them as I didn't use a torch to get rid of them properly. 
I always felt that chip carved coasters look really good but nobody would ever used them for fear of damaging the carving... well, it is all sorted with the resin. Click on ''read more'' to see few photos of the work in progress and a photo of covered trivet that I carved few years back and never really used for the same reason as the coasters.

Preparing cottonwood bark for winter carvings...

I received around 70kg of cottonwood bark last month and it took me some time to sort it out properly. I used to simply keep the boxes with bark in the shed but when I wanted to carve something specific it took me forever to find the right piece. So I started sorting the bark right away, I cut the brittle and too thin pieces right away to be used for ornaments and divide the good pieces by size and uniqueness. The fire going on in the back is from unused driftwood I kept for too long.

Few hours later - huge chunks of bark on the very bottom of the shelving unit, the most unique pieces on the second shelf, pieces that I am going to use the soonest on the third shelf and finally random medium sized pieces on the top. The two boxes are filled with cuts for ornaments, there must be over 140 of them, surely enough to keep me busy.