Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Old Little Lighthouse

Well this 16'' piece is literally ''Old Little Lighthouse'' because it is carved back in 2015!
I had it installed on a frame with a water colour painting in the background and it looked pretty neat, the problem is I was never able to bring it anywhere to display as it was so different from my other carvings and I just didn't have room for it. So eventually I decided to take the lighthouse off the frame and I named it as mentioned in the title. I will either have it for sale in my Etsy shop soon or I will bring it to some show in the spring.

Large card box with Ravnica theme

I carved a large box for 900 sleeved MTG cards with The Guilds of Ravnica symbol on the top few years back and was requested to carve another one. It was supposed to be about the same as the original but I think I didn't have the first piece carved as intricately as this new one:

Two larger pieces done in cottonwood bark

Two pieces done few months back but never posted, one is a large lighthouse with a really unique base and another was a custom carving of a tower inspired by the movie Tangled.

The ''North Wind Lighthouse'' is 21 inches tall:

And the ''Final Step Tower'' is 17 inches:

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Large MTG card box with Dragon theme

A custom work for somebody in Austria, a large Magic the Gathering card box that can hold over 1000 sleeved cards. It has a combination of relief and chip carving on it, the relief carved dragon is the main theme:

The piece is finished with Danish oil and a dark mahogany gel stain:

A deep cut chip carving is done on both sides and the front of the box:

Saturday, 17 November 2018

High above the Clouds the name of this large 23 inches tall cottonwood bark carving:

Unusual MTG card box

I adjusted this basswood card box to fit 300 sleeved MTG cards, it was originally supposed to be a custom jewelry box but the size was wrong and I was left with it. Because the lid is fully removable, I carved this box all around and made the top rosette the way, that all the mana symbols bottoms face the centre.

Home is where the Heart is... number?

This is probably my 6th or so cottonwood bark carving of a house with a heart carved underneath, it is once again named the same ''Home is where the Heart is''. But this one will be the last one for a while as I don't have any other suitable piece of bark at the moment.