Friday, 20 July 2018

Summer Breeze House

The newest large carving with a long ladder on it, this one is quite unique because of the natural ledge that was asking for having a roof window in it:

Houses by the lupins

Well, it's PEI so it is necessary to take some photographs by the bloomed lupins.
''The House of Nature's Nest'' is 11.5 inches tall:

And ''Quiet Retreat Cottage'' is around 10 inches:

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Latest Water Mill carving

15 inches tall cottonwood bark carving named ''The Mill of Shining Waters'' is the latest addition to my summer selection for Charlottetown Farmers Market:

Monday, 25 June 2018

Trophy boxes for Hearthstone tournaments

Three trophy boxes for Hearthstone tournaments done in spring, three more are being done for later events. This is a custom work done for DreamHack company from Sweden that organizes the events:

Allison's Tree House

17.5 inches tall cottonwood bark carving, so neat that it deserves its own post :)

Ornaments with art resin

Another experiment with art resin, this time done on basswood and butternut wood ornaments.
It would be easy to do this project with a scroll saw to help to cut out the pattern but I used just my regular carving tools, I might buy a small scroll saw if I carry on with these experiments.

The butternut discs are chip carved around the edges on both sides, the center is carved out and the art resin was poured in multiple coats:

The same done with basswood discs except here I completely carved out the center and inserted small stars in the middle. The one on the left is mahogany wood and the second one is sequoia:

Another Caduceus cribbage board

Last year I carved a custom Caduceus cribbage board and was asked to do another one with the same design and Celtic knot around. Here is the second carving, done in darker finish than the original piece: