Sunday 23 August 2020

Hollow Knight charms!

I thought I would not be uploading anything on my blog anymore but bigger projects like this one deserve a special post. I would post regular work in progress photos on my Instagram but it will be nice to have them all together right here.

This is a large relief carving done in butternut wood, the charms are finished with oil paints. It took me around 90 hours to finish. The carving board itself is 20x8 inches, the frame adds around 1 inch on each side. I was originally doing this for myself but somebody was seriously interested in the piece.

Have a look at the work in progress by reading more!

Friday 14 June 2019

A new path

Thank You to everybody who have been following up with me on this blog. I have started doing woodcut prints recently and decided to change my business name as my girlfriend is more involved in working with me. I am going to stop posting on this blog to concentrate on my Instagram account and the new website.
This blog will stay open because lots of people contact me through it and I know it's been a source of inspiration for many new carvers. As for now I will also keep my Etsy store open under the name Alesthewoodcarver.

Once again thanks to all who have been following me through all these years and don't worry, I am still going to carve my cottonwood bark houses, fan art and chip carve.

Friday 26 April 2019

Little bark carving

I haven't done too many new houses recently but because I've just sent a bunch to a gallery in New Brunswick I will need to pick up the game!
Here is one small piece named ''Swallows Rafters'', it is 9 inches tall:

Hornet from Hollow Knight: Silksong

Hornet relief carving done in 11x9 inches piece of butternut wood, around one inch thick.
I am super excited about the upcoming game
The carving looks very simple but it was quite something to finish the last relief layer where the thread is, fortunately nothing broke and I can be happy with the result:

Large cross in Catalpa wood

I've been avoiding religious carvings but was requested to carve a large wooden cross done in any style I would find suitable. I came up with this piece, it is 17.5 inches tall and 11.5 inches wide. It is fully hand carved in Catalpa wood but I cut out the base shape with a scroll saw. Funnily once the cross was finished the customer decided not to get it :)
I am going to post it on Etsy because somebody else will surely appreciate the work:

The cross is finished with Danish oil, it shows a very beautiful grain:

Here comes another MTG card box

I finished this piece for a custom request, I won't be making any more MTG card boxes unless directly requested now. There are some other new things coming that I want to try and I won't have too much time for chip carving.
This piece can hold 400 sleeved MTG cards, it is carved in basswood finished with dark mahogany gel stain:

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Hollow Knight relief carving

I am very excited about this Hollow Knight relief carving done in 11x8 inches piece of butternut wood. It is done out of two boards for an extra dimension. The Knight and stones are carved in one piece, then glued on the second piece where the Watcher Knight is. I have been doing it on and off for a while so it is hard to tell how long it took to finish. I would estimate it around 16 hours.

The original wallpaper artwork by Team Cherry and scroll saw pre-cut for the carving:

This is an absolute amazing game that I have played on both PC and Nintendo Switch. Right now I am in process of carving another character from Hollow Knight - Hornet. I am excited about the sequel of the game where she is going to be the main character. Here are some detailed photos of this current carving: 

And just for those interested, here is the difference between the unfinished butternut wood and the wood once Danish oil as applied:

And for those interested, You can download this picture as a phone wallpaper: