Tuesday 12 March 2019

Hollow Knight relief carving

I am very excited about this Hollow Knight relief carving done in 11x8 inches piece of butternut wood. It is done out of two boards for an extra dimension. The Knight and stones are carved in one piece, then glued on the second piece where the Watcher Knight is. I have been doing it on and off for a while so it is hard to tell how long it took to finish. I would estimate it around 16 hours.

The original wallpaper artwork by Team Cherry and scroll saw pre-cut for the carving:

This is an absolute amazing game that I have played on both PC and Nintendo Switch. Right now I am in process of carving another character from Hollow Knight - Hornet. I am excited about the sequel of the game where she is going to be the main character. Here are some detailed photos of this current carving: 

And just for those interested, here is the difference between the unfinished butternut wood and the wood once Danish oil as applied:

And for those interested, You can download this picture as a phone wallpaper: