Wednesday 16 October 2013

Wabbajack - Elder Scrolls

Fully hand carved Wabbajack staff, the daedric artifact of Sheogorath from the Elder Scrolls series.
It has 54'' in length and is carved by the Skyrim artwork:

The details of faces on the carving:

A screen-shot from the game:

The .gif file done by Alana Reddin:

Work in progress

The 3''x3''x12'' basswood block used for the top of the staff, divided into three equal sizes:

Beginning of the carving with a suitable size haft bought in a hardware store.
The haft is sanded as this point and will be used to finish the staff.

Slowly adding the details and sanding the surface:

Basically the tools seen on the table are all the tools I used during the process, 
two knives, a v-tool gouge and a bigger gouge for rough work:

The top and bottom part of the staff attached together, still more carving needs to be done on the bears and especially on the connection.
I used some sort of double-sided screw and glue to connect the pieces.
It worked well, considering I don't have any workshop to measure those things properly,
it was all done 'on the knee' :

The connection is more polished here:

The process of carving is finished here:

Three coats of water based lacquer and a regular acrylic paint:

Eventually I used mahogany gel stain for more 'wooden' look.
The staff looks metallic in its original form but I didn't want to hide it is a wood carving.
The whole process of creating it took around 23 hours:

Finished Wabbajack, the two garbage bins behind me used to be trolls,
and yeah I don't have any cool armor: