Saturday, 11 January 2014

Chip carved Serving tray and Coasters

My first carving of 2014 - chip carving done in basswood serving tray and 4 basswood coasters.
The tray is 21'' x 9'', about 1.25'' high and the coasters are 4'' in diameter.
The whole set took about 26 hours of work, which includes the design, carving and finishing.

I applied three coats of food safe salad bowl finish in the end on both the tray and the coasters,
these were applied over the period of few days and carefully polished in between.

The inside part of the tray was the hardest part to carve.
Despite the simple design the bad accessibility for a knife made it long and difficult.

A photo showing the nice satin shine of the salad bowl finish:

So called swirl rosette is a design that I enjoy a lot, so I decided to use it on both ends of the tray:

I used arch borders as the main pattern on the tray and in order to keep similarity in the whole set, 
I created almost the same design for coasters, keeping the size measurements.


  1. This is a very good idea. your chip carving and design are very good.

  2. Another great chip carving, Ales. I'm glad to see your completed work and inspirational designs.

    1. Thank You, well, I have a good source of basswood items to carve on :)

  3. I absolutely love how clean your carving is! I also do chip carving, create different patterns, and carve boxes applying my patterns to them. I just enjoy it. Good luck to you! Greetings from Russia!

    1. Thanks Tatiana, but don't worry, there are some bad cuts on my pieces. We just all tend to be too critical of our own work and see the other stuff flawless :) I would like to see Your chip carving, but Your profile doesn't lead further.

      Sláva to Russia!

    2. :) Yes, I agreed with you, I am too critical of my own work too!

      I do not post them here and my blog was completely not about woodcarving. I don't keep posting here already a year.
      I have a page on Instagram and I post the pictures of my work only there. If you have an IG account, you can see them:

    3. I don't have an account on Instagram but I can see Your work now, it's beautiful. I like how You sketch the patterns on the mesh paper, these patterns look really cool just on the paper :)

      Have a nice day!

  4. Hi,
    "Sorry for my bad english"
    First of all I have to congratulate you for your work.It's so beautiful.
    How you finish your work (varnish, oil, etc.)
    Thanks for help.

    1. Hello,

      No worry about the English, I am not a native speaker.
      I use various finishes - Danish oil, polyurethane, water based lacquer, linseed oil, varnish by Deft.
      Send me a message through the 'CONTACT ME' link on the top of my page and I will try to help more if I can.