Wednesday 26 March 2014

Teddy Bear Guardians, another wave

Three Teddy bear guardians carved this month.
Once again all done in a single piece of cottonwood bark, each holding a sword and ready to be hired by somebody in my Etsy shop.
From left to right - Balder of the Bark Shield, Simon and Miles:

The carving of Simon is just about 6'', he is sitting on a piece of bark. 
I guess he is ready to get up if needed but he is not in hurry:

The carving of Balder of the Bark Shield is altogether 8'' tall.
He is a brother of Freya of the Bark Shield, who is at this moment somewhere in Missouri,
they both hold bark shield (as their family name suggest) and have a scar on their fluffy faces:

And lastly the carving of Miles is slightly under 8'' in height.
He has a rounder belly than my other teddy bears but don't underestimate him,
he knows how to handle a sword: