Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Magic the Gathering - Commander deck boxes

After a long pause I was able to chip carve some Magic the Gathering card boxes.
I was waiting for a new delivery of basswood boxes and these are a bit bigger now, so I don't need to do any adjustments in order for MTG sleeved cards to fit in. That saves me some time so I can pay more attention to the carving itself, the result is that even the front of two of the boxes is carved.

Each box can hold 100+ sleeved MTG cards, so it's great for a single Commander / EDH deck.
They are all finished with a light coat of gel stain and water based lacquer.
I will be carving few more in next few months, they will be all in my Etsy shop under the chip carving section.

Individual photographs - the first one done with a fairly traditional border, MTG letters and all mana symbols carved on the front. Carving the mana symbols was quite tricky as these are done over the opening part:

The design for this one is inspired by a pattern that would be used for a plate carving. I incorporated all the mana symbols into it and added a simple design on the front:

A free form foliage design with mana symbols incorporated on the top of this box.
I avoided the blue mana symbol as I wanted to have the symbols only in corners, I find the  blue symbol the least appealing for chip carving so it had to go:


  1. I like the way how you carved out the letters on the 3rd photo, they look awesome! And, of course, I can say once again, how clean your carving is. It is a sign of craftsmanship!
    But all the boxes are wonderful!
    Do you create all the patterns you carve?

    1. Thanks Tatiana. I create the patterns directly on the boxes. I don't create the letters directly I print what I want once I know where it would be carved and trace it on the wood then. The same with the mana symbols from the MTG card game.