Tuesday 27 May 2014

Legend of Zelda - trinket boxes

Two chip carved trinket/jewelry boxes, fan art directly inspired by Legend of Zelda.
They are both finished with dark mahogany gel stain. Satin lining is inserted on the bottom of each box.

The design for this box is clearly the game logo and artwork used on the cover of Hyrule Historia book.
This box is additionally carved into a book shape, it looks pretty cool I must say.

With stain finish and lining there is about 9 hours of work in it.

The tiny letters are just 4mm in height, I sighed with relief when these were done.

Detail of the satin lining which is inside both boxes:

Tracing the design and hooray to carve:

The Majora's Mask box... the design is once again coming directly from the original artwork.
The sides and the front have simple border pattern, that part is finished with lighter gel stain.

Around 7 hours of work were put into this one.

This is the knife which does all the chip carving: