Sunday, 29 June 2014

2014 ornaments

Yule ornaments carved so far in 2014, I am going to have them for sale
in some of the places I am going to do carving demonstrations this summer.
Then at the beginning of autumn I will start selling some on-line in my Etsy shop
and of course later during Christmas fairs:


  1. Wow, this is an awesome and impressive collection!
    It is so great sometimes that the internet helps to find really talented and unique people, I am glad I found your blog! :) You are an inspiration!
    p.s. Do you make a living by carving boxes and ornaments (or sculptures) or it is just your hobby?

    1. I didn't hit the reply button... the reply is below...

  2. Hi Tatiana, thank You again for the praise.
    I am ''trying'' to make a living through wood carving :) I have been doing this full time for just about a year so it is early to say but it seems like I can manage. I have lots of things happening in July/August which will be crucial to see how well I am doing.

    1. And it is so great when you can make a living by doing what you really love. The people, who make it, the happiest in the whole world! I think, I would hardly make it by carving boxes, but, honestly, this is my dream: creating patterns and then carving boxes.. This is unreal, but, who knows what future could bring. :)
      And I wish you good luck with all your carving demonstrations!