Sunday 29 June 2014

Chip carved Sleipnir trinket box

''Sleipnir trinket box'' with image of Sleipnir and various Celtic knots on the sides and front.
The dimension of the box is 7" x 5½" x 2¾" high.
The original artwork of Sleipnir which I used as a template for this chip carving is done by an amazing Russian artist whose work You can find on her DeviantArt page.
I am grateful for her permission to use it as a template.

It is finished with dark mahogany gel stain.

This is the original artwork. I changed some of the lines and also the way
the tail and the mane were done - that is to be able to actually chip carve it.
I am going to use this design once again on a large 12'' basswood plate, so I can play more with the details, I think the rim of the plate will have the whole Futhark and some connecting design on it.

The Celtic knots used on the front and on the sides are designs from various stone crosses
found around Ireland:

Another look at Sleipnir:

And few close ups:

The box has a satin lining on its bottom:

Tracing and work in progress: