Thursday 30 October 2014

King of Red Lions - Legend of Zelda

King of Red Lions from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker hand carved in basswood.
The piece is just 10'' in height (without the stand) and 7'' in length,
but it still took over 30 hours to be finished.

I used two pieces of basswood to complete this carving,
the sail is done in one and the ''body'' in another.
The sail is attached with a long dowel and can be moved (or removed if needed).

The very simple stand is also done in basswood.
The Legend of Zelda logo is chip carved on the front of it.

Obviously the carving is not as thin in certain parts as the original
artwork for King of Red Lions would be - I had to keep it sturdier.


The paper-craft model found on the Internet was my biggest source for the work:

Because not having any band saw or other mechanical tools - just to get
this basic shape took me quite a few hours:

I drilled a hole to the base of the boat and to the sail - once again all done
''on a knee'' so I was hoping it would be straight once attached, well, it worked:

Finishing the details - I thought this would be the easy part but it was really tricky
to do so with so many fragile parts around.

All good to go - just missing the symbol on the sail.