Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Legend of Zelda trinket box

Chip carved basswood trinket box - the stained glass artwork from 
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Once again I carved the box into a book shape
at first and then chip carved the intricate game artwork depicting Link and Zelda.

The chip carving part was tougher than I expected and it took me about 11 hours, so the work on this one box was something between 15-17 hours in total. It is finished with light brown gel stain and has a satin lining inside.

Few pictures to show the book shape:

Work in progress.
The original picture was firstly redrawn onto the tracing paper and then traced on the box:

Carving of the borders was surely the most annoying part but the result is very satisfying: 

The box finished with few coats of polyurethane:

 And the gel stain application:


  1. How did you get the stain to only go into the carved parts?

    1. You can see the gel stain in the last picture, You brush it in and wipe the surface with a cheese cloth or something similar.

    2. And you did the gel stain after the polyurethane?

    3. Yep, I use t.hree coats of polyurethane, very thin coats, sanded with 400 grid sand paper between, very lightly - just to get rid of any fusines (I hope that's the word). I always wait at least 2 full days before the gel stain application. Old Master is the brand I use. Send me a message through the "contact me" tab if You want more detailed help.