Saturday, 21 February 2015

Catbus from My neighbor Totoro

Catbus from the movie My neighbor Totoro, hand carved in a piece of cottonwood bark.
My carving has only 8 legs instead of 10, the bark wasn't long enough to carve all the legs as seen in the original artwork. Also the ''mice lights'' are missing on the top of Catbus.

The carving is 11.5'' in length and 3.5'' in height.

As with other cottonwood bark carvings, this one is hollowed inside to ''open'' the windows:

The chunk of bark after the rough-out work:


  1. no shit?! best wood carving ever!! oh man! i'm a woodcarver too..and i love ghibli. most of the time i'm talking with old dudes about carving. this is so cool!

    1. Haha, I know how it feels - they carve ducks and birds, right? I have some other Ghibli inspired carvings but Catbus is surely one of the better ones. Thanks for the praise.