Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Another teaser of ornaments for 2015

I started doing the 2015 cottonwood bark ornaments at the beginning of the year thinking I would get ahead, well... it isn't really the case as I sold most of them during the summer.
Here is a picture of some of those little houses:


  1. Ales, all your new carved houses and lighthouses are amazing! I like them all, but these little houses have something special for me - they suddenly reminded me of my grandpa's wooden house and garden. Thank you! :) I hope they/or any other will be available in your shop in the nearest future. :) I wish you good luck and inspiration for your next projects!

    1. Thank You for the praise. I am not even able to produce as many of the small houses to put them into my online shop, I just sell them personally with other carvings at local market and various shows. Etsy will need to wait for few months, then I will have some new stuff for the shop.