Thursday 10 September 2015

Houses with tea light candles

A whole bunch of cottonwood bark houses carved in August. Except one they are all done
with basswood lids on the back to keep battery powered tea light candles inside which is something people quite often ask for. Most of the carvings were ''booked'' before they were finished.

I don't do this on all of my bark carvings as the tea lights need a specific size to fit and also they don't always have a good effect if the windows are too low or too high.

The carvings are always named form left to right in the following pictures.
''There lives a Gnome in every Mushroom'' 5 inches, ''Gnome Hut in the Windy Forest'' 9 inches (and it is the only one without tea light in this batch) and ''In the Hills of Connemara'' 7 inches:

This is how the carvings look in a darker room, it is more for fun than for any real purpose:

''Stumpy House'' 9 inches and ''Of a Gnome Librarian'' 8.5 inches:

''East Point Cottage'' and ''Acadian Cottage'' both 9 inches and both inspired by old PEI houses: