Sunday 11 October 2015

JARB tokens for the movie Kooperman

Hand carved tokens created for the full length feature movie Kooperman shot on Prince Edward Island last year. Check the Kooperman page for a trailer and more information, You can also check the Facebook page.
The movie is just being officially released so I can also officially show my work here.

A game named JARB is a big part of the plot in this movie. I was asked to create some sort of tokens that could be used in it so I carved altogether 15 pieces, 3 pieces of each of 5 designs.

They are about 2'' in diameter each, carved in mahogany (on the very left) and various density of cottonwood bark for different colors and grain structure.

Work in progress:
The following picture shows all the wooden blanks cut and sanded so the designs could be created, note the big difference in each batch of cottonwood bark pieces. The only different wood is the mahogany, second from the left.
There are two pieces of sequoia wood in the bottom of the picture which I didn't end up using:

Part of the drawing. To make things faster I created each design separately and traced it on the wood afterwards:

The first few pieces carved, everything done with a single knife:

I eventually used a bit of dark gel stain to put stress on the carved areas: