Saturday 26 March 2016

Ravnica guilds card box

I wanted to carve the Ravnica guilds symbol on a card box since the ''Return to Ravnica'' set and finally got a suitable sized box to do so. It is not as large as the custom project from a month ago but it had a nice area on the top to work with (as compared to the small card boxes I would normally use):

I removed the divisions provided and created my own to fit the sleeved Magic cards. I had to compromise how to fit the cards but I think this is a good solution, the middle slot is lined and used for dice/counters:

The dimension of the piece is 12.5'' x 8'' x 3.5'', it was originally created to be used as a tea box.
Well, no tea bags in this one, instead it can hold about 700 cards in sleeves:

The original artwork from the card ''Tablet of the Guilds'' by Nic Klein which I used as the template though I am not sure who created the symbol itself:

I used compass to create the divisions for the symbols and to make the borders... 

...then traced the rest...

...carved it...

..and stained!
Just a short video of the gel stain application with a background song by Hedningarna: