Thursday 15 September 2016

Cottonwood bark carvings

A bunch of cottonwood bark carvings done in August, most of them are already gone and unfortunately I took quite crappy photographs of this batch so I will keep on the main page only the few clear shots.
The first carving that was lucky enough to get a nice shot is named ''Cottage in the Misty Hills'' and is 13 inches tall:

And the second is ''Mansion of the Dark Elves'' standing 14 inches. To see other carvings click on 'read more' underneath this picture:

''Elven Mansion'' is 17 inches tall, this is the mansion of the non-dark elves I guess:

''Where the Noon Witch sleeps'' 11 inches:

''Worm Cottage'' 8 inches

''Cottage above the Tide'' 12 inches:

And ''House of the Pleasant Hills'' which is 20 inches in height: