Tuesday 8 November 2016

Woodspirits of Norse Pantheon

Four woodspirits carved in large pieces of cottonwood bark, they are all inspired by Norse Mythology. I've been working on those for last 2 months, creating two versions of Odin, then Thor and Freyja. They are finished naturally with only a touch of gel stain on the eyes and runic inscriptions.

''Odin Hangagud'' is 19 inches in height, 6 inches on the widest point.
The runes read ''I trow I hung on that windy tree, nine whole days and nights'' and is from Hovamol. It is after deciding on this quote I decided on the ''God of the hanged'' name:

The second Odin is named ''Odin Wanderer'' and is in a bit smaller piece of bark, having 16 inches in height and 5.5 inches on the widest point. This carving has neat bark cracks along it, the runes simply refer to the name of the woodspirit. It is the only carving I have currently for sale from this batch of woodspirits, You can check it here:

''Woodspirit of Freyja'' with Aegishjalmur chip carved on the top of her headband. I was looking for some suitable quote from Edda that I could carve in runes but eventually decided on the traditional symbol with Futhark around it. I still need to work a lot on my skills with female face carvings but it is so far my best one. She is also done in 16 inches on 5.5 inches piece of bark:

 ''Woodspirit of Thor'' with his Mj√∂llnir done in 20 inches on 6 inches piece of cottonwood bark. The hammer is carved in the same piece. I sanded the runes and knot on the hammer a bit more after finishing it with the first coat of lacquer to give it a bit distinction as I didn't want to use gel stain on it:

And a short video where the runes on Odin Hangagud are being stained (the song is Odinn by Krauka):