Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cribbage game anybody?

16-pointed rosette design with swirl rosette center chip carved in 11'' basswood cribbage board.
The piece is finished with light brown gel stain.

Before I post few pictures of the design creation and work in progress, here are two candle holders I carved the same week. The first is 8'' with foliage design and the second is 6'' with wide diamond border.

The design sketched on the cribbage board:

I originally wanted to leave the center as it is in the following picture, but once this was carved I decided to add additional pattern:

Gel stain application, the last step of the finish:

Full view of the cribbage board:


  1. Hi Ales.
    We met briefly at the PEI carving show. For some reason it did not register you were the same person I met at the farmers market. I just wanted to say how much I like you chip carvings. I will have to attempt one some day in the near future.
    The photos of your gallery showing look awesome and it appears to have been a great success... well done.
    Although caricature carving is my passion I do like to carve cottonwood. Its a leisure wood... :)

    Take care, keep carving.. and keep safe.
    Glenn Landry (Nova Scotia)

    1. Hello Glenn,
      Thank You for the praise. I thought we talked somewhere before but I guessed it was at previous carvings shows, I meet quite a few people around market so I have it mixed up. I should remember now :)

  2. Aloha, found this while searching for a thin wood chip board supplier. It's absolutely amazing!!
    My sister and I pass many summer afternoons playing cribbage, I could see us all dressed up, tea party, cribbage playing with this.
    Again, beautiful
    Sincerely Chandra Zink
    PS I AM looking for a supplier for that thin super hard/sturdy board material made of wood with the
    smooth finish usually both side, to have printing done on. like say, I've seen Christmas ornaments made with it. Ring a bell. You probably know. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should look. When I search I just keep getting cardboard type chipboard search findings.
    Mahalo from Maui
    Chandra Zink

    1. Thanks for the praise. I am not sure at all what You mean by the material You ask about. The cribbage boards I carve are basswood pre-made from I get all of my material for carving there.