Friday 19 June 2015

Cottonwood bark carvings going to New Brunswick

The lack of posts since May was not due to my lack of carvings, I've been doing lots of cottonwood bark pieces to make a good starting inventory for this coming summer. I also decided to put my work into another shop in New Brunswick which made me fairly occupied. So if You are passing by Art Effects fine art gallery in Hopewell Cape, stop by to check them out.

And here are the newest carvings which went to the Art Effects gallery.
From left to right - 9'' Aurora's Hut, 10.5'' Hunter's Hut, 8'' House by the Grove:

20'' Forgotten Tower on the left and 22'' Philosopher's Solitude on the right:

17'' Wooden Lighthouse:

Maiden's Cottage and Herb Gatherer's Hut, both 12.5'':

And just for interest, here is a ''Philosopher's Solitude'' inspired sketch by Alana Reddin :