Friday 3 March 2017

All the custom MTG boxes

Here is a huge load of custom work I did for some Magic the Gathering fans, it was quite something to manage all the requests and I had to take few months to do those. This coming months I want to get back to my ''regular'' carvings, I am quite tired of carving the MTG mana symbols :)

Two small card boxes for Commander decks:

A large box that can hold 900 sleeved cards divided in three rows:

Another larger box, this one can hold ''only'' 450 sleeved cards. It has a slot for dice and counters though. The picture is quite blurry, I realized I did bad job on taking photos after I had the box already all packed for the customer:

And finally two more Commander boxes that went all the way to Australia. Both designs are heavily based on my previous work, which was requested: