Friday 7 April 2017

Houses and Lighthouses!

Haul of cottonwood bark carvings from last month, I finally put new things in my Etsy shop and some of the carvings are for local Farmers Market.
The first photo shows ''Watchtower of the Oak Forest'' and ''Lighthouse on the Stone Shore'', they are both around 11 inches tall. The lighthouse has a small PEI acorn in its tower:

''In the Windy Valley'' stands 11.5 inches tall: 

''Margaret's Lighthouse'' is a large 14.5'' wall hanging, it has also an acorn in its tower:

The second wall hanging is named ''Wizard's Solitude'' and is 12.5 inches tall. This carving was supposed to have a ladder leading to the door but the piece of bark was too crumbly so I had to change the design: